What's New in Version 3.0.11

Product Updates

  • An Expand icon is now available for action details on the browser Details page. The tool-tip of this icon says Expand Action. After clicking on the Expand icon all the information related to that will appear.
  • After clicking on the Expand icon a Collapse icon will be displayed for that step. This Collapse icon will be used to close the action details. The tool-tip text for that icon will be Collapse Action.
  • Export Test Action (PDF) is now available on the test detail page.


  • For modeled test cases, the numbering order in TDM (Test Data Management) is now the same as the action log and browser detail page. If data is available in more than 10 rows in the uploaded CSV file, then it will display the left-over lines as 5+ more rows on the TDM details page at the time of the automapping window (the current limit for displaying data is 5 rows at a time).
  • An owner of a project can be changed by using: Adv settings >> Access >> Change project owner