Generating Random Data

Generating Random Data Overview

The Architect can be used to generate random test data, including fully functional email addresses, date formats, etc., which can be checked as part of a test case. This functionality makes it easy to test many use cases, such as form fills, user sign-ups, password resets, and marketing email automation.

Generating Data in Architect

  1. Generating random data is an advanced action that can be accessed by clicking the + icon on the Architect window

  2. Click Generate Data in the Architect sidebar panel

  3. From the menu, select the data type to generate, based on the selection made, the appropriate data parameters will display

 Generate a Random Email

  1. Click the Email button, and a random email address appears in the Output Example field, this function generates only one email address per test case, if multiple steps are used Generate Data with Email - the email will remain the same within a single test case
    NOTE: The random email address generated will always be a '' email address.

  2. The Domain field can be used to generate random emails for a specific domain defined by the User
    NOTE: Only the '' will be accessible from the Functionize Email Reader Tool
  3. Click Set Target, Architect will minimize in order for the User to click the input field where the User wishes the email to be entered
  4. The selected field will populate with the generated email address, see more information on the Functionize Email Reader Tool

  5. Every time the test case is executed, a new random Email will be generated

Generate a Date

  1. Click the Date button, the default date format is MM/DD/YYYY, other date formats are available to support commonly used date formats in various countries as follows: DD/MM/YYYY, YYYY/MM/DD, MM/DD/YY, and DD/MM/YY, these other date formats are accessible by clicking the drop-down menu under Date Format

  2. Select the desired Date Format and Date Delimiter.

  3. By default, the date generated will be the Current Date, to alter the date, select Days, Months, or Years from the drop-down menu, set the Add/Subtract toggle switch to the preferred direction, and enter the number of days, months, or years to advance or reverse the date in the Output Example field

  4. Click Set Target button when ready and Architect will minimize for the User to select the input field to enter the generated date
  5. The selected field will populate with the generated Date