What's New in Version 3.0.10

Product Retirement

  • The Modeler has been retired.

Product Release

  • Functionize replaced the Modeler with the Architect.
  • Architect Test Creation tutorials have been added to Functionize documentation.

Product Updates

  • Drag and drop functionality is now available on the Page Object details page. Any action can be dragged to another place and mapping will be adjusted automatically.
  • Action log functionality has now been merged to the browser detail page in Chrome.
  • A new tooltip popup has been added to the test case detail page.
  • Restrictions on deleting tests can now be enabled for specific users. To set restrictions:
    • Select the Team tab at the top of the page.
    • Select Settings (next to the appropriate team member)
    • From the Settings pop-up window, place a checkmark next to Restricted Access.
    • Select Submit


  • Orchestrations were skipping test cases and hanging with no results. This has been corrected. 
  • In the action detail page, when an instruction is cloned, the action(s) is also cloned.
  • The orchestration list is shown in ascending order when sorted.
  • Incomplete test cases will display an Execution Time.
  • The Architect tab is included in the screenshot for the Architect test cases.
  • Screenshots are now available when an orchestration is expanded.
  • The collapse and expand button are now the same color.
  • Run history is now displaying the correct time zone.