Wait Actions

Sometimes a test must wait for an on-page event before the next step executes. For this scenario, Wait Actions can be added.

Functionize utilizes Smart Waits in order to make your test run optimally. Smart Waits will analyze the network traffic on a page and dynamically wait for the page to load, reducing the incidence of failing tests. You can add a Smart Wait while you’re creating the test using Architect. This can also be done using Quick Add Action while editing an existing test.

Note: Wait Actions are limited to eight minutes. If a longer wait is required, it is suggested to split the test case into two and execute it using an Orchestration. If that is not viable, please contact the account manager to discuss other options that may be available.


To Create a Wait Action

Click the plus icon Plus.pngfrom the main screen of Architect and then select Wait from the action list.


Enter your desired maximum wait time (in milliseconds) that is not greater than two minutes. Click the Smart Wait toggle to make the action a Smart Wait. Click Add.



To Add a Wait Action to an Existing Test Case

  1. View a test case in the Test Detail page or the Slider page
  2. Locate the mceclip0.png icon (only visible on hover)within the test where you would like to insert a wait action
  3. Select Wait from the Insert menu
  4. Enter the time, in milliseconds, to wait
  5. Click Insert