Hover Action

Hover Action Overview

Hover Actions are most often required when dropdown menus do not activate with a left click.  The Architect needs to hover over a specific element before clicking on a second element.  If the second element only becomes visible on the screen after hovering, the Architect cannot click it until it is visible.  Using page coordinates is not an accurate way to achieve this, which is why Hover Actions are preferred.

Create a Hover Action in Architect

  1. Left-click the Hover button so it is highlighted in blue

  2. Left-click the element to be hovered on and Hover Action is added to Architect. 

Insert a Hover Action in an Existing Test Case

Hover Action can be inserted via the Slider view.

Slider Page

  1. Open your Test 
  2. Open Slider view via the View Result button or the View button next to any Action
  3. Hover where you would like to insert the Action

  4. Click the + icon button to open the Insert menu and select Hover.

  5. Select the Element from the screenshot on which you want to perform the Hover Action

  6. Click Insert button