Verification Options in Architect

Verification Action Overview

Simple data verifications can be easily completed by clicking the Flag icon button in Architect


and then select the element for verification. It's advisable to avoid verifying large elements that consist of multiple smaller elements. Each verification should target a specific, lowest level element. Selecting a <div> that contains multiple elements reduces the self-healing capabilities of the test.

See User Guide: Best Practices Using Verifications.

Advanced Attribute Validation

Advanced verifications are used for verifying dynamic data and are leveraged in combination with Operators.

  1. Click the white circle to the left of the Verify Action
  2. The Architect left panel will open to the ADV Validation tab where you can specify the Attributes to validate in the Verify Action.
  3. The Attribute Validation tab allows a User to verify specific attributes of an element, most commonly used are text, value, and SRC, though all attributes associated with an element are accessible, both DOM and/or CSS
  4. Select the Attribute and Operator as well as the appropriate value for your verification,  Operators like 'contains', 'greater than' and 'equals step value', specific verifications can be added easily with no code required
  5. Click Save
  6. The Architect left panel will close and your Verify Action will be updated

Multiple Validations on a Single Verification

It is possible to save multiple validations on a single Verify Action with the Multiple button option using OR and AND operators. 

  • If OR is used: The test will check for the first true condition and once verified, no further check will be performed and will immediately move onto the next step
  • If AND is used: All existing conditions will be checked

Custom Attribute Validation

Custom JavaScript can be used to facilitate very specific verifications, including verifications that contain logic like addition and subtraction.

See User Guide: Customizing Test Cases with Javascript.

Visual Check Validation

The Visual Check button allows for visual validation of elements.


However, this is limited to specific elements and images and does not apply to sections of pages that consist of multiple elements.

See User Guide: Visual Verification: Element Verifications

Advanced Selector

The ADV Selector tab in the Architect left panel for an action contains two options to enhance the precision of your tests by utilizing selectors.

See User Guide: Customizing Tests with Selectors.

DOM Panel

  • Click the arrow icons to walk the DOM from the current element to select any element regardless of size or other overlapping elements 
  • In the text box, enter the ID, Query Selector, or CSS Class of your desired element and click the Search button to verify the element on the site

Override Panel

  • ML Selector: Machine learning based, default option, overriding this option inhibits the ability to self-heal by learning your site
  • Specify Selector: Identify another selector to locate the element by enter XPath or CSS selector from the browser or choose from a list via the Snippets button
  • JS Override Selector: Use JQuery to write a custom selector locating the element and bypassing the ML selector