Architect Installation and Setup

Functionize Architect Installation and Setup Overview

The Architect is used to create test cases by moving through the website/application workflow. This solution removes the need for scripting in almost all cases, creating fully functional cross-browser test suites. Like all systems that use machine learning, it works best when it has as much data as possible to process. It then uses data to interact with the UI successfully at execution, resulting in easily built, robust automated test cases.

Simply stated: deploying the Architect gives the user the capability of creating test cases with a few clicks of the mouse and limited technical experience.

Minimum system requirements:

  • i3 or better Processor
  • 4GB RAM on Linux
  • 8GB on Windows
  • 8GB on Mac

Note: Users will encounter a slower experience with the Functionize Architect extension if these minimum requirements are not met. Architect performance is also dependent on the website/application under test.


Before using the Architect, there a few best practice steps to consider:

  • Chrome is the only supported browser
  • Chrome must be updated
  • Chrome Incognito mode cannot be used
  • We suggest creating a new Chrome user that has no other extensions installed to help avoid potential interactions with the Functionize Architect extensions
  • When editing:
    • Make sure to start the Architect recording
    • Wait for the pages to fully load before beginning any edits
    • Click in the center of the elements
    • Click slowly, waiting for each action to fully complete


To create tests using the Architect, the web extension must be added to the user's Chrome browser by downloading the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

To install the extension:

Go directly to

  1. The user is redirected to the Chrome Web Store and prompted to download the Architect web extension

  2. Select Add to Chrome and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation
  3. Once the extension is downloaded, head back to to begin using the Functionize Architect




  1. Go to and log in
  2. From the Projects tab, hover over a project and select View Project
  3. From the Test Listings page, click + New Architect Test

  4. The browser will then be redirected to the Chrome Web Store and allows the user to download the Architect web extension by clicking the Add to Chrome button