Action Log

The Action Log can be used to edit a test case without the need for remodeling.

The Action Log is used for things like: 

If changing the verification types, then the Action Log should not be used and the next option would be the Attribute editor.

How to Edit a Test Case Using Action Log

  1. Go to any Project>>Test Case
  2. Click on the Actions button Action_Log_1.png on any test case and select Details.
  3. Hover over any step, then click the Action pencil icon >> Edit Action Log
  4. The Edit Action Log window will open:


The Action Log contains four tabs:

Standard Attributes

The Standard Attributes tab is where the user can access the actionID, step_id and windowHeight and windowWidth attributes.




The Settings tab has options for changing settings.  Here a user can mark a step optional or suppress a step.  See Making Steps Optional or Suppressed


See also: Computer Vision Validation via Architect.

See also: Computer Vision Based Validation (NLP).






See Customizing Functionize Tests with Selectors.


To complete the Action Log changes

  1. Make edits to the desired field(s).
  2. Select Save to save the changes  -or-
  3. Cancel to cancel the edit and discard any changes made.

Upon saving changes, the user will be redirected back to the Test Case.