What's New in Version 3.0.4

Product Updates

  • When copying a test case, the new test case name will start with Copy of (Bulk Action only).
  • When a user is removed from a team their access is removed and session(s) deactivated.
  • Option added to view original screenshots.
  • 100 character limit for the pageobject name.
  • Confirmation alert box–content updated and 'i' icons removed.
  • Edit functionality disables during and after the load test run.


  • Removed the option to disable the Chrome browser and IOS browser in the NLP project.
  • After releasing a job in NLP project, the general or selected region now displays in the client's account.
  • The browsers execute automatically once they are enabled in the NLP project.
  • The total test case count cannot be higher than the total number of test cases.
  • Private projects are not visible unless permission is granted.
  • Invite User – Modeler Type is now a selectable dropdown.
  • New slider and instruction window updates.
  • Color coding of the step number on browser instruction now matches the preview.
  • Export test actions (PDF) – PDF link is emailed to the user.