What's New in Version 3.0.3

Product Updates

  • Two new columns have been added to the connector data mapping window. The new columns are Current Value and Mapped Value. Both new columns will auto-populate. The Current Value is the value used in the base test case. Mapped Value will dynamically update as changes are made in the attribute column, with the data that would be used in the test case with the current configuration of step number + attribute.
  • A computer vision validation dialogue has been added to the review process, showing the value/verification/image more clearly.
  • When using "Copy" bulk action, to copy test case(s), the new test case name will begin with "copy of" and can be overwritten accordingly. This applies across all environments and all projects.  
  • Bulk edit is now available when using attribute editor.
  • Intuitive enhancements to Test Steps UI dialogue have been made.
  • A Find and Replace popup has been added to the test case search to allow for increased productivity.
  • Functionality has been added to the API to check the current status of an orchestration when in a processing state.
  • A manual select feature has been added to Orchestrations to set a maximum execution test run time out.


  • A new issues detail message now available which reads: ”Functionize could not model this step of the test plan so you cannot approve this step. Please edit the workflow and remodel the test.”
  • New options are available when editing a test case to include actions appropriate to the edit type(s) made.
  • Current value now auto populates for page object actions.
  • Step number is now available on the test step where operators are used to compare the data with the step values.
  • Page Object sequencing is successful when saving a test case.
  • The scheduling feature has been updated for load tests and now displays as Load Test Schedule under Status.