What's New in Version 3.0.5

Product Updates

  • Page object removed from the tab after modeling, then removed from modeling after the release.
  • There is a new option under Edit Project that includes the ability to Upload Project Screenshot and is available to all users. This feature allows the user to customize the project header page.
  • To maximize ease of use, the Connectors feature has been relocated as a new menu item to the header of every user account. This allows the user to move easily from project level to account level using connectors.


  • Fixed: export to PDF. Select Export test action(PDF) to download. If a test case is less than 40 steps, a PDF is generated. If the test case is greater than 40 steps, a link is sent to the users' mail ID for download.
  • Fixed: page object duplicate name issue
  • Fixed: when editing a page object, it will no longer autosave as a draft.
  • Fixed: the Submit button is now functioning.
  • Fixed: the Choose file button is working in the Safari browser.
  • Correct error messages now display when copying a locked case.
  • When editing a test name, copy of remains in the title.
  • All buttons in the new test case details are now working.