Create a New Project

Create a New Project

The Project page is the landing page of Functionize upon login. Users can organize their test cases within different Projects in a way that suits them, such as by Application or by Functional Area, etc.

To create a new project:

  1. Click on + New Project button

  2. Enter the information as needed for the new project:
    • Project Name: Enter a name for the new project
    • Starting URL: Enter the starting URL for the project
    • Environment: Select from the drop-down menu whether the project site environment will be Live, Staging or Development  - the environment is used to separate project variables, it allows you to set the domain for the environment that you're testing and additional environments may be added once the project has been created

  3. For websites being tested that need authentication, check the setting My website needs authentication and the window will expand to display fields for the required credentials as well as an authorization checkbox to use them

  4. For websites protected by HTTP Authentication, check the setting Access to my website is protected by HTTP Authentication and the window will expand to display a field to enter the required credentials

  5. Click Confirm


Project Settings

Once a project is created, the user is able to edit the Project Settings.