Create a New Project

Creating a New Project in Functionize

The Project page is the landing page of Functionize upon login. Users can organize their test cases within different projects in a way that suits them, such as by Application, Functional Area, etc. This guide will walk you through the steps to create a new project in Functionize.

Steps to Create a New Project

Step 1: Initiate Project Creation

  1. Navigate to the Project Page:

    • Upon logging into Functionize, you will land on the Project page.
  2. Click on the New Project Button:

    • Click on the + New Project button to start creating a new project.

Step 2: Enter Project Information

  1. Project Name:

    • Enter a name for the new project in the Project Name field.
  2. Top Level Domain:

    • Enter the starting URL for the project in the Top Level Domain field.
  3. Environment:

    • Select the project environment from the drop-down menu. Options include:
      • Live
      • Staging
      • Development
    • The environment selection is used to separate project variables, allowing you to set the domain for the environment that you're testing. Additional environments may be added once the project has been created.
  4. HTTP Authentication (Optional):

    • For websites protected by HTTP Authentication, check the setting Access to my website is protected by HTTP Authentication.
    • The window will expand to display fields for entering the required credentials (username and password).

Step 3: Confirm Project Creation

  1. Confirm:
    • Click the Confirm button to finalize the creation of the new project.

Editing Project Settings

Once a project is created, you can edit the Project Settings to further customize the project's configuration.

Accessing Project Settings

  1. Open Project Settings:

    • Navigate to the specific project.
    • Click on the Project Actions hamburger menu (three lines) >> Project Settings.
  2. Modify Settings:

    • Update any of the project settings as needed, including general settings, timeouts, advanced options, integrations, headers, cookies, alerts, and authentication.

Project Settings Overview

  • General: Update basic project details such as environment management, proxy settings, and region.
  • Timeouts: Configure performance-related timeouts and thresholds for test cases.
  • Advanced: Access additional project settings like default browsers, network logs, memory saver mode, and more.
  • Integration: Integrate with other websites or services.
  • Headers: Set custom headers for API calls.
  • Cookies: Inject cookies into test cases.
  • Alerts: Set up project-level alerts for status and performance metrics.
  • Authentication: Manage HTTP authentication details for the project.

By following these steps, you can create and configure a new project in Functionize, ensuring that your test cases are well-organized and tailored to your specific testing needs.