Live Edit

Live Edit allows the user to use the Architect to make changes in both NLP and Architect test workflows, element selections, and verifications without remodeling. Live Edit brings the user back to the application under test at the exact step that needs to be updated (if the site is accessible at that point in the workflow). After making the required actions on the site under test, the new steps can be dragged and dropped into the main test workflow.

Scenarios where Live Edit can be used:

  1. When there is a small change in the site or change in the workflow of the test case.
  2. A new element needs to be validated as part of the test requirements
  3. A new element has to be interacted with in some way (click, toggle, drag, etc.)
  4. Updating the data points on an element
  5. An element has changed size, location, text, and selectors, preventing Functionize from locating it at test execution

NOTE: In order to use Live Edit, you must download the Functionize Chrome plugin. For the direct link, click HERE.  

From within Functionize, the download button is available from the Live Edit box on any step of any test case. The user will receive a prompt as shown below:



Best Practices

  1. Chrome is the only supported browser.

  2. Chrome must be updated.

  3. Incognito mode cannot be used.

  4. We suggest creating a new chrome user that has no other plugins installed to help avoid potential interactions.

  5. When editing:

    1. Make sure to start the Architect

    2. Wait for pages to fully load before beginning the edits

    3. Click in the center of elements

    4. Click slowly, waiting for each action to fully complete

How to Perform Live Edit

  1. Go to the Project>>Test Case

  2. Click on the Details button

  3. Navigate to the step of the test case to Live Edit, or:

  4. Go to the step of the test case to add an action after.

  5. Click on the Step Actions drop-down menu and select Test Case Live Edit.

  6. Select the version of the site to be edited. In this example, select Live Version and click on the Start Edit button.

  7. This will take the user to the site under test and the Architect will appear.
  8. Click the red Record button to Start Architect.

  9. The cookies screen will appear to allow the deletion of some or all of the cookies. For example, the user may want to remain logged in (keep the login cookies) but delete other cookies that will allow the correct experience to be delivered. Some sites use HTML5 storage and if needed, the HTML5 storage can be cleared here as well.

  10. If any cookies or storage are deleted, Architect will refresh the page.

  11. After making the required actions stop the Architect with the Save button. This will redirect to the Functionize application where the edits can be inserted into the test case.
  12. The Live Edit Changes screen will appear with 2 tabs. one for Simple Edits and another Advanced Edits.
  13. Simple Edits: If adding a single click or verification and that is the only action made, the user can select the Action buttons on the right to Replace or Insert actions. Functionize will automatically step the page initialization action. When using the Simple tab, ensure the actions on the right are correct and no additional, unneeded actions are included.
     -Replace: Replacing an action removes the current action and replaces it with the new action that was architected. If more than one action was architected, a single action will be removed and multiple new actions will be added to the test case.
     -Insert: Inserting new actions will not delete or adjust ant existing actions. All newly architected actions will in added to the test case directly after the action that Live Edit was performed on.

  14. Advanced Edits: The Advanced tab offers a drag and drop interface that allows the user to select one or more of the total actions architected to be included in the test case. The actions created during the Live Edit are on the left-hand side of the screen, while every action currently included in the test case is on the right-hand side. The new actions can be placed into the test case in any order. Actions that are already included in the test case can be deleted by using the 'x' button for any action.
  15. Once finished, click Submit. A pop-up message will display indicating Live Edit change was successful.
  16. Click Continue. Now, re-run the test case.


Architect Controls:

Flag.png Flag / Checkpoint: The flag, commonly referred to as a checkpoint, is used to apply verifications to an element or update element selection due to site changes. This is the main button that will be used during Live and Cached Edits. To pick up a checkpoint make a single left click on the flag or hold down the C key for one second. Either option will result in picking up a checkpoint. Once a checkpoint is picked up, the flag will appear in gray. After picking up the checkpoint, it can be 'dropped' on any element by hovering over the element and single left-clicking.

Start_stop.png Start / Stop: The red button starts or stops the architecting session. After successfully architecting the required edits, use the red button to save the edits and go back to Functionize to insert them into the test.

Cancel.png Cancel: The 'X' button stops the architecting session and presents four different options:

  • Return the Functionize dashboard
  • Restart the architecting process from the beginning
  • Do not cancel
  • Return to the test case