Create a New NLP Test Case

Create a new NLP Test Case

  1. Open a project.
  2. Click the green Create New Test button.
  3. Select Natural Text.New_Test_Case_1.png
  4. The Overview Tab will display like below:New_Test_Case_2.png
    Complete the overview tab fields as follows:
    • Test Name
      • Give test case a name.
    • Start URL
      • Type URL being tested.
    • Browser Run Order
      • Parallel (Default): Select this to run the tests simultaneously.
      • Sequential:  Select this to run the test sequentially.
    • Repeatability
      • If Yes is selected: The test case will run repeatedly.
      • If No is selected: The user must reset the URL with an API call because it is not repeatable on its own.
    • Platform Type
      • Desktop enabled/disabled
      • Mobile-enabled/disabled
    • Description
      • Provide a short description of the test case.
  5. Click Next
  6. The Test Steps Tab will display like below:New_Test_Case_3.png
    There are two (2) options available in Functionize to create the test steps for a test case.
    • Upload the test case steps via .xlsx, .csv , or .ods  OR
    • Describe a step-by-step workflow for the test case to create using Natural Language Process (NLP) with the Keyword Driven set of commands.
    Let's create our sample test case using the step-by-step workflow option. Notice Functionize creates the 1st step based on the URL provided in the previous Overview tab.
      1. Click the Actions drop-down on the far right to Add New Step(s). Add an unlimited # of steps.
      2. Now begin the process of writing the test case steps. Functionize offers a dropdown menu of the most commonly used keywords in the creation of test steps.
      3. Click on Click to Type a Description under STEP and an optional keyword-driven drop down will appear, allowing the ability to select one or more actionable keywords seen in RED or manually type in the desired command action.
        In the example below, Click, Verify, and Enter are all keyword-driven actionable items which will be performed within the application.  
        Anything in quotations “ “ are the elements as shown in BLUE.
        In the example below, “login” and “submit” are elements in the application being tested.
        Any other Natural Language can be included as free text which will display in black.
      4. Test Data and Expected Results are optional.
        Sample of test steps.New_Test_Case_4.png
  7. Once all test steps are written, click Submit.
  8. The test case then enters the Modeling process. NOTE: Average modeling time is approximately 2 hours.New_Test_Case_6.png
  9. Once modeling is complete, the test case will be released for review and can be found under Functional Tests Tab>>Active.


To Upload Existing NLP Test Steps:

Once a new test case has been created, the user has the option to Upload Test Case Steps under the Test Steps tab.      


  1. Drag and drop files into Functionize or click on Browse to locate the file with test steps to import.
  2. Import the File to the project.
  3. Map Uploaded File Data Columns for STEP, TEST DATA (optional) and EXPECTED RESULT (optional).
  4. Then click Confirm.
  5. Then click Submit.


To Attach a File to an NLP Test Case:

  1. Go to the test case steps. (Test Case Details >> Step Actions >> Edit Step)
  2. Click the Actions drop-down, then select Attach File. Acceptable formats: .jpg, .pdfNew_Test_Case_8.pngOnce the file has been selected and downloaded, the attachment icon will appear: