Delete an Action

Delete an Action Overview

Actions can be deleted from the Test Detail page or Slider View. The Test Detail page also offers the option to delete multiple actions at one time with the Bulk Delete Actions feature.


Delete a Single Action via Test Detail Page

  1. Open the Test Detail page of a test
  2. Expand the action and click on the Delete button

  3. Confirm the deletion

Delete Multiple Actions or Instructions

Please see detailed User Guide: Bulk Actions in Test Cases

Delete a Single Action via Slider View

  1. Open a test
  2. Open Slider View via the View Results button or the View button next to any action
  3. Select a action
  4. Open the Actionsmenu on an action in the left side panel and select Delete
  5. Click the gear icon to open the action’s Settings and click on the Delete button

Deleting a Pageinit Action

If a Pageinit Action is being deleted, all associated actions under that Pageinit Action will be deleted as well