Upload Existing Test Steps in NLP

Once a test case has been created, Functionize offers the ability to import an already existing set of test steps as opposed to writing out the test steps manually. This tutorial will walk the user through the steps required to upload a file for the purpose of test step creation. This capability allows for fast, easy, and intuitive test creation.

Acceptable file formats for successful upload/import are .xls, .csv and .ods. 

The imported data should include:

  1. Test case steps
  2. Executables
  3. Expected outcomes

To Upload Existing Test Steps During Test Case Creation

Once a new test case has been created (see Create a New Test Case) there will be an option to upload test case steps under the Test Steps tab.  

To access this tab:

  1. Go to a test case

  2. Select the Test Actions button  Test_actions_button.png

  3. Select Edit Test

  4. The Edit Test window will open to Test Steps. The top section of the Test Steps page will contain a section where a user can drag and drop or browse for files to upload.

Upload a File

  1. Drag and drop files into Functionize or click on Browse to locate the file with test steps to import.
  2. Import the file to the project.
  3. Map Uploaded File Data Columns for STEP, TEST DATA (optional) and EXPECTED RESULT (optional).
  4. Then click Confirm.
  5. Upon selecting Confirm, an Upload Confirmation will require a Replace or Append selection (or Cancel to scratch the upload). Make a selection to complete the upload process.