Optional and Skipped Actions

You may have a testing scenario where you need to skip an Action or make it optional

-Optional Action: The test will continue regardless of the pass or fail result of an Optional Action. This can be used for elements that may change frequently or in conjunction with Decision Actions for basic conditional workflows.
-Skip Action: This Action will not be carried out at all during test execution. This can be useful if a test case flow is temporarily changed and you don't want to edit the entire test. Skipping provides an easy option to carry out a/b workflows for comparison.


Optional or Skipped Actions via Test Details

  1. Open your Project and select your test to view the Test Details page.

  2. Expand the Action to view the Settings tab.

  3. Check the box for Optional or Skip Action.
  4. Click Save.
  5. The footer of the Action will display "Optional" or "Skip."


Optional or Skipped Actions via Slider View

  1. Open the Slider View by clicking the View Results button at the top of the page or the View button to the right of any Action.
  2. Expand the Action.
  3. Select Optional or Skip Action.
  4. The footer of the Action will display "Optional" or "Skip."