Project Bulk Actions

Project Bulk Actions Overview

On the Test Listing page, the Bulk Actions button is available that provides the user with the ability to perform different functions (i.e. Copy, Move, Delete, Run Test(s), Run All Browsers, etc.).  See details below.

To Perform a Bulk Action in a Project

Open the Project to perform the bulk action in.

  1. In the Test Listing page, click on the checkbox(es) of the test(s) to perform a bulk action on
  2. Click on the Bulk Action icon  to open the dropdown menu

Bulk Actions include:

  • Run Tests: Run one or more tests across all browser versions, simultaneously
  • Run On Browser: Run one or more tests on specific browser(s) simultaneously
  • Stop Tests: Stop all selected tests that are currently running
  • Delete: Delete the selected tests
  • Activate: If a test moves from one environment to another it is deactivated, by default, use this option to activate the test(s)
  • Deactivate: Deactivate tests so they cannot be run by mistake
  • Enable All Browsers: As new browsers are added to a project, enable them using this option
  • Change Schedule: Change the schedule that the tests will run on, i.e On Demand, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, etc.
  • Tag: Add Tags to tests in bulk
  • Configure Browsers: If a new browser is added, or a browser is no longer required, use this to enable and disable test(s)
  • Move: Move the test(s) to a new environment within the same project or move the test(s) to a new project
  • Copy: Copy the test(s) to a new environment and keep a copy as well, or copy the test(s) to a new project
  • Modify Platform: Change the type of browser the test(s) will run on
  • Move to Other Account:  Move the test case to Other team
  • Copy to Other Account: Copy the test case to Other team 
  • Change URL: Change/replace the URL for the test(s) selected
  • Browser Run Order: Change the Browser run order from Parallel to Sequential or vice versa