Project Bulk Actions


To Perform a Bulk Action in a Project

Select the Project to perform the bulk action in.

  1. In the Functional Tests tab, click on the checkbox(es) of the test cases to perform a bulk action on.
  2. Go to the Bulk Action dropdown menu.
  3. Click on the bulk action to perform.

Bulk Actions include:

  • Run Tests - Run one or more test cases across all browser versions at the same time.
  • Run-on Specific Browsers - Run one or more test cases across specific browsers at the same time.
  • Stop Tests - Stop all selected tests that are currently running.
  • Delete - Delete the selected tests.
  • Activate - If a test moves from one environment to another it is deactivated by default. Use this to activate a test(s).
  • Deactivate - Deactivate tests so they cannot be run by mistake.
  • Enable All Browsers - As new browsers are added to a project, enable them using this.
  • Change Schedule - Change the schedule that the tests will run on.
  • Categorize - Add Tags to tests in bulk.
  • Enable/Disable Specific Browsers - If a new browser is added, or a browser is no longer required, use this to enable and disable tests.
  • Move To - Move the test to a new environment within the same project or move a test to a new project.
  • Copy To - Move the test to a new environment and keep a copy as well, or copy the test to a new project.
  • Modify Platform - Change the type of browser the test cases will run in.
  • Change URL - Change/replace the URL for the project selected.
  • Browser Run Order - Change the Browser run order from Parallel to Sequential or vice versa.