Random Email Generation & Validation in NLP

Functionize removes the need for all test infrastructure. An often less considered part of that infrastructure is facilitating tests that need to check an email address to ensure marketing, sign up, password reset or other email arrived as expected. This can be complicated for user sign up test cases where a new email needs to be created every time the test case runs, or need to create API calls to reset the account, which isn't an ideal use of resources.

With Functionize, we have the ability to create as many email addresses as required with a simple NLP command. Once the email is created, ask Functionize to confirm the email and ensure the email arrived, thereby validating marketing elements in the email, pull two-factor authentication codes, and click account activation links. As an example, if an "account created successfully" email was sent to a user in the course of signing up for a new account, Functionize can verify that email using the following lines in the test plan:

To make a test case that uses a random email address is simple using basic commands, shown below.

Basic Commands

Email command = 'enter a random email address in the email field'   With this command, Functionize will create a new, random email address every time the test executes and the email can also be accessed as part of the test case. Note: the randomly generated email address will always have the domain functionizeapp.com.  This also allows us to access the email.

Check the email inbox command = 'go to email inbox'

Other commands could include:

'Open the registration email sent to the email address in Step 9'

'Confirm email subject says "Functionize - Thank you for registering"' 

See below an example of a test plan with random email generation and validation steps using some of the basic commands:

In Step 6, the random email account is generated:

In Steps 13, 14, 15, the verification process is outlined:

To Validate the Email Address

*Note: Validations on email are performed the same way as any other validations

  1. Go to http://www.functionizeapp.com/tools/emailreader *This is a temporary email inbox.
  2. Enter an email address that has the domain of 'functionizeapp.com"  (example: john@functionizeapp.com) then,
  3. Send an email to that address for verification using the Compose Mail button.

See the example below of verifying a click through for registering on the email account.