File Format for Submitting NLP Test Cases

File Format for Submitting NLP Test Cases

Functionize NLP Test Cases need to be submitted in a particular format.

1. The test plan should be a spreadsheet with a minimum of three columns with headers given in       CAPITALS as shown below:
    a. STEP
    b. TEST DATA

The TEST DATA and EXPECTED RESULT columns can be empty, but must be present. Without these, the system won’t be able to read your test case.

2. The document must be either a CSV (.csv) or excel file (.xlsx).
3. Test cases must not contain any blank rows.
4. Any instructions or comments relating to the test case should be added as rows above the three mandatory headers listed above. These rows must use a double forward slash ‘//’ to indicate they are not part of the actual test.
5. Remove any unicode or special characters that may not load or display properly.

Note: If the system is unable to identify the correct column headers, or if they are not written correctly, you will be brought to a mapping modal to let our system know which columns contain the correct information. Use this to tell the system what the correct columns are.