Keywords Used by the NLP System

Below are keywords currently used in the NLP system. These should be used when writing test cases for NLP processing.



Use of Keyword

Example of Keyword

Access API Endpoint A URL, server or service Each endpoint is the location from which APIs can access the resources they need to carry out their function
Call Database Query a database A statement with common syntax that allows transparent access to a variety of databases.
Click Used to perform a click action 'Click on the link at the top right side of the page'
Create Variable Used to create a variable that can be stored and later used within the same test case or passed to another test case. 'Create Variable "OrdNum"'
Create Page Object This is to notate the start of a page object to be created and used in this test case.

Step 1: Create Page Object <name>

Step 2: Click login and enter <email>

Step 3: Enter <password>

Step 4: Click submit End Page Object

Double Click Used to perform a double click action 'Double click on the icon in front of the SSN text field'
Download Used to apply a download action of a file from the application under test. An example could be downloading a terms of service agreement for compliance validation or downloading a document that then needs to be uploaded in a later step. 'Download "sampleserviceagreement.pdf"
Email Used when checking that a given email has been received. ‘Check that the signup email has been received by the user’
End Page Object To notate the end of a page object that is being created.

Step 1: Create Page Object <name>

Step 2: Click login and enter <email>

Step 3: Click submit End Page Object

Enter Used to replicate a user pressing the enter key ‘Input “hello” in the search field in the upper left corner and press enter.’

Used to fill a field, similar to the Input Text keyword.

'Fill in the field with a random string'
Hover Used to replicate a hover action on any item. Typically this reveals the tooltip, alt-text, etc. ‘Hover over the Clothes menu entry’
If A programming conditional statement that performs a function or displays information. 'if (X < 10) {
print "Hello Bob";
Input Text Used to input text or a value in a field ‘Input the username “admin”’
Load the Variable Load variables from the file into the workspace Load all variables. Check the contents of the workspace before and after the load operation.
Navigate or Go to Used to move the test on to a new URL. For instance, if a user needs to go to the user profile

‘Go to’


‘Go to’

Navigation Navigate to another URL 'Navigation to'
Open the File Used to open a file 'Open sampleserviceagreement.docx'
Open URL Used to open a URL ‘Open’
Pass Variable Used to call on the stored/created variable and pass it to another field. 'Pass Variable "OrdNum" to order number field'
Scroll Used to scroll the page up, down, left, or right. For instance to locate an entry at the bottom of the page ‘Verify the banner says “Puppies”, scroll down the page and click on “next”.’
Store in Variable Used to store a created variable for use at a later point in the test case or a new test case. 'Capture order number from the screen then Store in Variable "OrdNum"'
Upload Used to upload a document or image as a test step in the test case. ' 'Upload sampleserviceagreement.docx'
Use Page Object This is used for existing or previously created page objects Use Page Object login w/admi
Verify Used to verify the correct data is displaying following a test step ‘Verify that the message “Item has been removed from cart” is displayed’
Wait Used when a page is slow to load, or a step is known to need time to complete. ‘Wait 2 seconds after step 4’