What's New in Version 3.0.1

Product Updates

  • In efforts to assist with better usability and intuitive feature placement, a comprehensive conversion of in-product icons and button groupings have been changed to Action and/or Settings dropdowns.  
  • An update to logic for how test cases are saved has been added.
  • A URL override field has been added to Orchestrations to allow the ability to set multiple URLs for an orchestration.
  • A spring cleaning of the hamburger menu dropdown on the Functional Test tab was performed to remove unused features, tabs, and menu items for increased product usability.
  • Integration capability with Rocket Chat has been added and is available for configuration on the Integrations tab.
  • The ability to mask passwords is now available in both test details, as well as any shared links.
  • Under the Load Tests tab, we have added the execution date and time details for all load tests.  
  • Browser versions in the UI have been updated.
  • To reduce the number of scenarios that would lend to wait times for incompatible modeling, a Remodel button has been added to the Actions drop-down menu under the Modeling tab. This option will only appear when certain conditions are met resulting in a Modeling Incompatible status. Those conditions include the site not being available, a temporary site or environment change. 
  • Based on extensive analysis, an overall increase to editor and test listing load performance as been addressed to optimize load times.  


  • Fixed: email alert formatting.
  • Fixed: alerts are sent to all email users listed rather than only the first user listed.
  • Fixed: sorting arrows actually sort lists.
  • Fixed: some browsers were not displaying on certain pages.
  • Fixed: a specific case where the word ‘enter’ was being highlighted inside another word. As an example, for the word "Center", only  "enter" was being highlighted, but not the "C"). This is no longer an issue.
  • Updated in the product feedback loop for share links that are expired or out of date due to status changes.
  • Fixed: environments not displaying the correct name within the page object or page variable pages.
  • Fixed: issue where screenshots would not load within the test details.