Attribute Editor

Use the Attribute Editor when the following attribute changes are required to Edit a Test Case:

  •      Value change
  •      Element type change
  •      Class item property change
  •      Operator type change
  •      Text change
  •      Change the verification type (e.g.: the price is greater than $8.99)
  •      Change the verification type after a Live edit

After making edit(s) via the Attribute Editor, be sure to update the test plan so the test case is in sync.

NOTE: This editing feature does not require a remodel

To Edit a Test Case using the Attribute editor

  1. Go a test case to edit.  Project>>Functional Tests tab>>Test Case>>Details button

  2. Click into a step and click on Attribute Editor to access

  3. The Attribute Editor screen will display, allowing a user to edit any particular attribute, along with the value of that attribute and the operators associated. In the example below, we are editing the "text" Attribute, changing the Operator. mceclip1.png
  4. Update any attribute with a new operator and/or value, then click Submit.
    For NLP tests, if the step being updated has the verification being made in the 'Test Data' column then no other action is required. The test plan will update automatically. This is why we suggest placing verification data in the Test Data column as a best practice. However, if the Test Data column was not used and the information for the verification is in the Test Step column, update the test plan also!


To Update the Test Plan (NLP Tests Only)

  1.  Go to Test Actions button >> Edit Test
  2. The Test Steps will display, as shown below. Edit the test step to match what was defined in Attribute Editor. Notice in this example, we change test step #4 to give a "not equals" verification and remove any test data that was previously in the test plan for this verification step.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. A confirmation window will display asking to take the action appropriate to the edit(s) made.mceclip0.png
  5. Click Confirm.