Create a Tag

Functionize offers a tagging system to create a more granular organization of test cases.  Tags offer a many-to-many categorization system. (Note: where Modules offer a one-too-many categorization system). This means that many test cases can belong to many different tags and vice versa.  These tags can be created and used for grouping in orchestrations and can also be used within each project for the purposes of filtering data to get the search results within the projects/test cases.

To Create A Tag or Multiple Tags in a Test Case

  1. Select the Project.
  2. Go to  and select Tags from the drop-down menu
  3. Add unlimited tags using Create New Tag
  4. Click Save Tags when done.

  5. All Tags created are now saved and available for assignment to a test case.


To Assign a Tag to a Test Case

  1. Go to a test case to create the tag.
  2. Click on Categorize.
  3. When the display window pops up, add a Tag where it says "add a tag" in the Tags field.  In this example, we have typed "smoke" and then selected the "smoke" tag from the list of tag options.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. The Tag "smoke" has now been added/assigned to this test case.  Categorize, filter, and display test cases by tag and is searchable in the Tags drop-down.
  6. There is also the option to create multiple Tags through the Bulk Action feature under Category in the drop-down menu.