Create a Folder

Functionize offers a categorization system to create a more granular organization of test cases.  Folders are essentially a "one-to-many" categorization system.  This means, many test cases can belong to a single folder, however, a single test case cannot belong to more than one folder. Folders, like Tags, can be created and used for grouping in Orchestrations and can also be used within each project for the purposes of filtering data to get the search results for within projects/test cases.

To Create a Folder for a Test Case

  1. Go to a test case to create the folder.
  2. Click on Categorize.         
  3. When the display window pops up, click on the then add a New Folder Name.                            mceclip1.png
  4. In this example, we have named the new folder "Dragons".  mceclip2.png

  5. Once the folder has been named, click Submit.
  6. Test cases can now be categorized, filtered and displayed using the newly created folder. Go to the Folders drop down on the Functional Test page. See below example:mceclip3.png           

NOTE: A new module can be created directly from this drop-down menu by selecting Create New Folder.


To Create Multiple Folders for a Test Case

  1. Select the Project.
  2. Go to  and select Module from the drop-down menu.mceclip4.png
  3. Add an unlimited number of Folders:  mceclip5.png     
  4. Click Save Folders when done.
  5. All Folders are now saved and searchable in the Folders drop down, as shown below:mceclip6.png