Create a Folder

Create a Folder Overview

Functionize offers a categorization system to create a more granular organization of test cases. Folders are essentially a one-to-many categorization system, meaning many test cases can belong to a single folder.

Folders provide a hierarchical structure within a project, aiding in the organization of test cases based on various criteria, such as features, modules, or any other logical grouping. Similar to tags, folders can be created and utilized for grouping in Orchestrations as well. They can also be employed within each project to filter data, facilitating the retrieval of search results within projects/test cases.


To Create a Folder for a Test Case

  1. Open any project to create the Folder
  2. Click on the New Folder button

  3. Enter a Folder name and click on the Checkmark button

  4. Test cases can now be categorized by using a Folder 

  5. To move test(s) into a Folder, click the checkbox next to the test(s) to be moved into the folder,  then select the icon to the left of any of the selected test(s) and drag-drop the test(s) to the desired Folder in the left sidebar panel

  6. The test(s) will now appear under the Folder it was placed
    Note: the test(s) will also still appear when the All Folder is selected as well.