Review a Test Case

Reviewing every test case after the modeling process is complete provides you with some level of traditional control on the output of test cases from our AI. Over time, as the Functionize system increases machine learning efficiency there will be a decrease in the number of actions needing to be performed. The review process allows for this manual coverage and is the required next step after a test case is created and modeling of the test case has been returned.

To Begin the Review Process

  1. Go to Functional Tests Tab and click on Active (tests)
  2. Notice the coloring coding of rows grey vs white. Grey indicates the test case needs to be reviewed. White indicates the test case has been reviewed and approved.
  3. Click on the Review button of the test case to review in Slider View. 
  4. Click through the test case screenshots using the Next button to verify the test case steps are accurate, making any changes as needed.  Notice the computer vision boundary box in green applied to each element in the screenshots to help understand what element is interacting, coupled with the information of test step details located at the bottom left of every page/screenshot. NLP_Review_Process.png
  5. To make any edit to the test case step(s), click the Edit button on the applicable screenshot/test step. Or approve the entire test case and make more complex and advanced edits afterward.
  6. Once the test case is reviewed in its entirety, click the Approve button. The test case has now been reviewed and approved and is now ready to execute based on the test case details and settings.

For further information on diagnosing a failed test case, see our User Guide: Diagnosing a Failed Test Case