Execute a Test Case

Functionize's Test Cloud allows you to provision or de-provision virtual machines (VM's) as needed to run as many tests as you want, over as many browsers, and not be concerned with manual infrastructure setup. In this tutorial, learn how to execute a test case (or multiple test cases) within the same project in Functionize.

A test case can be executed in a variety of ways:

  1. By default, a test case is run in the background where you are unable to view the live interaction with the browser. 
  2. Live Execution allows you to see how the test is interacting with the browser while it is running on the VM
  3. Live Debug allows you to interact with the test while it is running. During a Live Debug execution you can pause the test, set breakpoints (to run the test to a certain step), and make edits to the test.

To Execute a Test Case

Go to the Project and select the Test Case to execute.

It is possible to execute a single test case by Browser or multiple test cases within the same project by the Bulk Action drop-down for the test case.

To Execute a Single Test Case By Browser

  1. Hover over the browser, click Run Test for that browser.                  mceclip0.png   

 To Execute Multiple Test Cases by Bulk Action within the same project

  1. Select the test case(s) to be executed by checking the checkboxes to the left of each test case.
  2. Go to Bulk Action dropdown
  3. Click Run Tests           

 For more information on Bulk Actions, click HERE.

To Execute Multiple Test Cases in multiple projects see >> Create an Orchestration.  

Live Execution

Live Execution can be used to run a test by watching the execution live inside the VM. This provides a real-time view into the execution experience, so you can see what is happening and get instant feedback.

NOTE: Live Debug and Live Executions run a little more slowly than default runs that execution in the background.

How to Perform Live Execution

  1. Click into the Test Case Details page. The different ways to execute a test are displayed as buttons next to each other:
  2. Click on the mceclip0.png  icon to start the Live Execution of the test case. The mceclip2.png  runs the test in the background without the ability to watch the test.
  3. Once the Live Executed begins, the VM where the test runs starts provisioning. This can take a few moments.
  4. When the VM is ready, the test will show a step-by-step live execution of your test.

If you'd like to interact with the test while it's running in order to make edits to the test, pause the test, or set breakpoints, see Live Debug.


Helpful Hint for Using Live Execution

For the quickest launch of Live Execution tests, let us pick the region in which to run the virtual machine for you. Generally speaking, it will be run in a US region unless specified as we have the greatest pool of resources available there.

Updating Your Region

  1. Open the Test Settings drop-down menu in the upper-right of the Functional Tests screen, Select Edit Test Settings.
  2. In the Test Settings Window, open the Advanced Tab.
  3. If the Region field displays "Select Region", you're all set! Your test will automatically be set up to run in the region with greatest capacity.
    If the Region field displays a specific region (and your test is not dependent upon a specific location), Open the drop-down menu and select "Select Region".
  4. Select Save Changes.