Perform a Stress Test

A Stress Test in Functionize is a test set up to continuously ramp up or "stress" the application until the execution reaches a specified threshold. See also Perform a Load Test.

To Create a Stress Test

Select the project to perform the stress test.

  1. Go to the Stress Tests tab.
  2. Click on Create New green button on the far right of the screen.
  3. Complete the fields in the Create New Stress Test window.

    Stress Test Title: Enter the name of the stress test.  We have named our example test "Sample Stress Test"

    Target: What category should be targeted for this Stress Test? NOTE: The Target selection will determine the additional options displayed.
     -Select the Project radio button to target an actual project.
     -Select the Module radio button to target a module within the project. NOTE: a Module is a categorization system in the Functionize platform.
     -Select the Test Case radio button to target a specific test case. In this example, we have selected the "1- Checkout" test case.
     -Select the Tags radio button to target an existing tag within the project. NOTE: a Tag is a categorization system in the Functionize platform. 

    Project Environment: Select the environment to test in.  

    Region: Select the region/location from the drop-down menu to run the Stress Test.

    Max Virtual User Count: The maximum number of virtual users.  NOTE: The goal is to choose the number of users that could potentially bring down the system. This will show what the system can handle.

    Start User Count: The starting number of users.

    Increment Interval: The incremental value at which the stress test will increase by user count.

    Duration Count: Duration the will test run.

    Error Threshold: Percentage that will define where the system has reached its maximum load to bring down the system.

    Increment Count: Defined incremental increase in user count.

    **In the example configuration below, we are starting with 10 users, then adding 10 users every 1 min until we reach 100 users or we see a 5% or greater error rate or the duration of the stress test has expired at 30 minutes.
  4. Once the fields are completed, click Add New.


To Execute a Stress Test

  1. Click the  button, under Status from the Stress Tests tab
    A warning message will ask to confirm. If yes, click on Execute Stress Test.
  2. The Stress Test will execute and the status icon will change to a spinning icon , indicating the execution of the load test is running.
  3. Once the Stress test is complete, go to the Action column and select the report icon  to view the Performance Metrics Reports for results.