API Test Creation

Functionize uses a webpage to format API test cases as they are created to ensure everything works properly. Open the link and work through the API test case as the test plan is built. Once the API test plan is written, there is no need to visit the page again, however, Functionize will open the page to duplicate the actions. This system allows a user to create API test cases using plain English, with no technical experience.

API Test Creation

  1. Go to the API Test Creation URL: www.functionizeapp.com/tools/apiexplorer 
  2. The API Explorer request form will display:


Complete the API Explorer Request:

           Destination - Select GET, POST, PUT or DELETE   then enter the API in the provided field

           Response Type - Select JSON or XML

           Request Method - Select HTTP or SOAP

           Output Type - Select Formatted Response, Tree Response*most common or Raw Response

           Authentication - Add Authentication(s), if applicable

           Headers - Include Name and Value (click + to Add Another Header)

Cookies - Include Name and Value (click + to Add Another Header)


Then Add Parameters and/or Payload



Then click Launch Request


Sample API Test Plan (for reference):


*The API Test Case created in the API Explorer becomes a part of the test case steps being created in a test case and will become visually viewable during the Review process.  For more information, see Review a Test Case.