What's New in Version 5.3.22


  • Functionize now enables teams to integrate multiple integration services simultaneously for X-ray integration.
  • Site admin users can now move test cases between projects in different accounts.
  • Added an option on the folder panel for alphabetical sorting in ascending & descending order for folders on the test listing page.
  • Added an API 'Add Orchestration Datasets' to add new dataset row/s from the data source.


  • Users can now use the 'change URL' option from the bulk action on the test listing page to parameterize the page object URL attached in the test cases.
  • Added a warning message for a user when trying to delete a context switch action to prevent test breakages.
  • Updated the Test Detail page to include a Result tab that can be viewed on expanding the action.

  • The external extension for the post-orchestration webhook now has support for Post-hook Proxy.
  • Added a new flag check box to close the upload popup window on the advanced tab in the options section on expanding the upload action.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue in generating the access token.
  • Resolved an issue where a context switch action is not getting added in the page object in a live-debug session.
  • Resolved an issue where a context switch action is not getting added in a local edit session in a specific test scenario.
  • Resolved a UI issue in the dropdown for Decision Actions at the bottom of the section.
  • Resolved an issue in the Left side folder panel resizing on the project listing page.
  • Resolved an issue in opening Excel (.xlsx), PowerPoint (.pptx), and document (.docx) files with the file viewer tool.
  • Resolved an issue in viewing the architect screenshot on the screenshot slider page. 
  • Resolved an issue in the smart fix when updating a recommendation the page object text was not updated as expected.
  • Resolved a mapping issue in the page object after saving the smart fix recommendation.
  • Resolved an issue where ‘0 action’ is showing on the browser detail page in the case of mobile browser/emulator.
  • Resolved an issue where the wrong Chrome version was on the test cases listing page.
  • Resolved a URL validation issue when adding or editing an environment URL field in a project.
  • Resolved an error of URL getting replaced After saving the URL in a local variable the values in the URL get replaced.
  • Resolved an issue where actions in the page object are getting merged in the test case result after the orchestration execution.
  • Resolved an issue where test execution streaming was not showing during a live debug session.
  • Resolved an issue where users were unable to update Zephyr's Fix Version.