Slack Integration


Functionize and Slack Integration Overview

You can receive notifications in Slack when your Functionize orchestrations execute. This is especially helpful if you set up a CI/CD integration as detailed above, so when the Jenkins build completes will trigger the notification to Slack.


How do I set up Orchestration notifications in Slack?

  1. Within Slack, create a channel to receive the Functionize notifications on
  2. Go to the newly created channel details, click Integrations tab and click Add an App

  3. Select Manage apps... in the upper left of the page

  4. Click the Build link in the upper right of the page

  5. Click Create an App

  6. On the Create an app screen, select From scratch

  7. Enter App Name, Pick a workspace to develop your app in and click Create App

  8. Activate Incoming Webhooks

  9. Toggle On the Activate Incoming Webhooks

  10. Scroll down on the page and click Add New Webhook in Workspace

  11. Select Slack channel created in step #1 above from drop-down list and then click Allow

  12. Click Copy for the Webhook URL linked to the Slack channel created above.

  13. In the Functionize UI, open the Orchestrations page and click Create New Orchestration

  14. Name the orchestration and select the Project(s), Tests and other information in the Details tab

  15. Select the Integrations tab, paste the Slack Webhook URL from above and enter the Slack Channel

  16. Select the Advanced tab and choose your preferred notifications with the Alerts Delivery drop-down list: Alert sent on Failure only, Alert sent on all runs or No Alerts Sent

  17. Click Confirm, then confirm the correct test cases and click Submit


When the linked Functionize orchestration is executed an alert will be received in the Slack channel that was created based on the orchestration notification preference.

Clicking on the run Report in the Slack message will open a Read-Only version of the Orchestration Results in Functionize.