SMS Actions and Reader Tool

Functionize offers the ability to send and receive SMS messages as well as a tool to view received messages. This is helpful for testing scenarios such as Multi-Factor Authentication, Brand engagement, and Appointment reminders. 

Functionize must issue you a phone number for sending SMS messages. Please email and our Support Team will assist you.


Incorporating SMS Messaging in Architect

This example includes both Send and Receive SMS actions. 

  1. Open a new Architect test case and begin recording.
  2. Click the Add icon to open the Actions panel.
  3. Select SMS.
  4. Open the Send an SMS tab. Enter phone numbers for the sender and receiver, and enter your message.
  5. Click Continue.  
  6. The Action log will display an SMS Send action. Click the plus icon to open the Actions panel again and select SMS.
  7. Stay on the Receive an SMS tab and click Continue.
  8. The SMS Reader Tool will open. Enter the receiving phone number used in sending the message and click Submit.
  9. The message you sent will appear at the top of the inbox.