Quick Select

What is Quick Select?

Quick Select is a type of Smart Screenshot that lets you update the element selected for a particular action. If the wrong element is selected for any reason, as long as that element appears in the screenshot for the action, and we have the corresponding data for that action, you will see a Quick Select option to allow you to update the element selected.


Since Quick Select is making use of the data our Machine Learning Engine collects, it does have some limitations.

  • If ML data has not been collected for the particular Action or Test, Quick Select is not available. This applies to tests which are not Approved for Learning
  • Quick Select is not available to use within Page Objects.

Using Quick Select to Edit a Test

  1. Click View Results to open the Slider View.
  2. Select the Action to be updated.
  3. Click the Actions Menu and select Quick Select.
  4. Highlight the new element in the screenshot. The existing selection will be highlighted in green and available elements will highlight in blue as you hover. Some element information will display to help ensure you select the right item.
  5. Click the element. Verify the selection is correct. Click Save to continue reviewing, or Save & Run which will proceed to execute the test.
  6. Once your test has been executed, the footer will display the update between the original Modeled element, the Previous Successful Run (if applicable), and the selection in the Current execution.