AI Assist in Architect

AI Assist in Architect Overview

At times, the AI Assist agent will try to nudge you in the right direction. This could be an offer to add actions, a reminder to do certain things, or just provide useful messages. AI Assist is designed to help you build more robust tests.

For example, if you forget to include a Verify Action in your test flow, AI Assist can detect and remind you that the test is missing verifications. It will then request you to update the test with at least one verification.

Here is an example of an AI Assist message nudge:

Notes about AI Assist 

  • Warning if DOM is not loaded fully: If trying to record actions on your application under test too quickly, you may receive this message about retrying the action - this is a notification to slow down in order to make sure we are able to collect all the data needed for successful executionsmceclip0.png

  • Warning if default credentials loaded: On some pages, the AI Assist is able to detect whether the browser has defaulted credentials for the user, some password managers behave differently, but sometimes a user will see pre-filled data when actually the need is to enter the credentials into the test in order for the test to work at execution time on the Virtual Machine in the Functionize Cloud

Managing AI Assist

Some AI Assist messages can also be snoozed. This means the user may no longer see a large pop-up but just a small notification indicating that AI Assist has further details to share. A snoozed message, as shown below, can be clicked on to reveal the full details.


If a user prefers not to see messages from AI Assist, this can be turned off in the Architect settings menu.