Quick Add Actions

What is Quick Add?

Quick Add actions is a feature of Functionize's Smart Screenshot where you can add actions directly from the resulting screenshot. You can add these actions from the Slider View. This feature eliminates the need to run Live Debug or Local Edit for small changes that don't affect the fundamental test flow. The different types of actions that you can select in Quick Add actions include:

  • Hover
  • Verify
  • Click
  • Wait 

Here are some example use cases:

  • Adding a Verify in the middle of a test
  • Including a Wait in case you have an external process that needs to occur
  • Adding a Hover if one was forgotten during test creation
  • Clicking on a popup that doesn't always appear

To Add a Quick Add Action

  1. Go to the Slider View of the test
  2. Locate and hover between two actions on the bar with the + sign under the step
    Note: This can only be done when the previous step has ML data. Some actions do not include ML data, and at times, it may not be pulled during execution due to a variety of reasons. See error handling below.

  3. Click the + to open the Insert action pop-up

  4. Select the type of action to add, selecting Verify, Click or Hover will prompt the user to click an element on the screenshot, these are different types of Smart Screenshot functions and selecting a Wait action will offer an input field to set the wait time in milliseconds
  5. When adding a Wait action, you have the option of selecting Smart Wait which will watch the network traffic of your site and perform the next action as soon as the site is ready, the Time (in milliseconds) will be the Max Wait Time, or the longest Functionize will wait for your network traffic to complete and move to the next action

  6. Click the Insert button and the action will save and the Slider View will refresh, adding that Wait action to the test

Error Handling

If there is missing ML data on the previous step before the +, the user will receive a notification that there was missing ML data and only the Wait action is available to insert as a new action.