Visual Verification: Full Page Verification

Visual Page Check is an action type to visually verify a full page of a website. This action type is abbreviated as VisPageChk. This verification type uses Machine Learning to do intelligent matching of the current screenshot against the baselined screenshot for this site. The baseline will be set automatically on the first passing run of the test, or when you decide you want to set or update the baseline image.

Note: Currently this is only supported in desktop web browsers.


Adding a Visual Page Check Action

This feature is supported in Architect 2.0+

  1. Select the mceclip1.png in Architect to open the advanced menu.
  2. Select the Visual Page Chk option. 


   3.  Verify, or set the Visual Match Requirement %. The default value may be updated at the project level.


   4. Click Add

   5. The resulting action should appear in the Action List



Viewing Full Page Check Results

Once the test has been executed, results can be viewed in the Slider View. Similar to the P (previous), C (current), and A (architect) screenshots, there is an additional section for Visual Page Check actions to show the C (current) and B (baseline) images side by side.   mceclip2.png

When viewing Visual Page Check actions, you will see a control widget and when in comparison, the yellow draggable bar.


In the Controls section, you may select to view modified areas within the screenshot. These may overlay any set of images, but will always reflect the current versus baseline changes. In the Results section, the execution details will display which will cause the test to pass or fail accordingly. In the Settings area, you  can make changes to the test's settings. Similar to other settings changes, these changes will be reflected across the entire test and any enabled browser will pick up these settings for the next execution. Clicking the Baseline icon mceclip3.png, you will be able to see the currently set baseline image for this particular browser.



Setting the Default Match Requirement %

The default value may be set at the project level. On any project page, select the mceclip5.pngicon to view Project Level information. 

Navigate to Advanced Settings >> Settings >> Full Page Visual Check Default % in order to update the default value.



Viewing Baselines

If you would like to view the baseline images across all browsers, view the Action Log. mceclip5.png

Both Full Page Verifications and Element Baselines will have a mceclip6.png tag. 


Hovering over the tag will show you the current settings used for the test. The mceclip3.png tag is clickable and will show you the full image used during the baseline.




Full page verification screenshots always start at the currently scrolled position. In order to guarantee a start at the top of a particular page, set the scroll location by using the ADV Architect button and then scrolling to the desired location for setting the top of the screenshot.

The full page verification may not always pull the full screenshot. Certain sites behave differently or are particularly large causing us to only grab partial screenshots.