Email Reader Tool

Email Reader Overview

Architect allows the user to create and read generated '' emails with the Functionize Email Reader tool. This can be used in tandem with generating random data email address functionality.


To Access Email Reader

  1. Click the plus icon Plus.png from the main screen of Architect, then select Generate Data

  2. Select Email and in the Output Example box, a randomly generated email will appear

  3. Copy this email to the clipboard and then click Back button on the Generate Data detail sidebar panel
    Note: The random email address generated will always be a '' email address.
  4. Click Email from the Architect Advanced Action list sidebar panel

  5. In the Email Reader details sidebar panel, select Open in a new tab (if desired), then click Add

  6. The Functionize Email Reader tool will open, then enter the generated '' email address and then click Submit

  7. An Email Inbox will open for that randomly generated email address in order to access and interact with emails, for example activating an account or 2FA emails, etc.