Architect Version 1.4.59

Download the latest Architect version HERE.



  • Coachmarks have been added to walk new Architect users through core functionality. 
  • A new feature, AI Assist, has been added to include a reminder that at least one verification must be present in a newly created test case before saving.
  • A best effort will be made by AI Assist to alert users when usernames or passwords have automatically been added in by chrome.
  • Some AI Assist features may be snoozed, or turned off in settings.
  • A new feature has been added to support additional date formats commonly used in various countries.
  • Improved iFrame support has been added, forcing a user to Enable iFrames so it is clear when a user is switching contexts.


  • Multiple issues with Shadow DOM resolved.
  • Resolved an issue with attributes not saving on load project variable.
  • Fixed a right click action issue.
  • Live Edit auto start issue has been corrected.
  • Recording pause issue causing Architect to open in a new tab has been corrected.